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Ferrari F40 LM Barchetta


The Ferrari F40 LM Barchetta, aka Ferrari F40 Beurlys.

At first glance one would think this is either a fake Ferrari, or the work of some insanely rich man with neither taste nor common sense, but then you read about it, the story of this car is quite interesting. Commissioned by a Belgian billionaire, Jean Blaton, this car was built by Gillet (French supercar builder) with help of Michelotto (who built many Ferrari factory race cars).

It features many upgrades over a regular F40, like a pushrod-actuated coilover suspension similar to that used on the Enzo and FXX. Numerous other upgrades were necessary to make the car a true barchetta, and one can see from the photos that the exhaust exits in front of the rear wheels (why?), and many of the body panels are not stock F40 pieces. All the non standard mods and the fact that the car is rare and seldomly seen attract all kinds of rumors, some say it’s not based on a F40, some say it has a one-off space frame chassis with an engine from a wrecked F40, and others say the engine comes from an Alfa Romeo. 

Whatever the story (everybody hopes it’s an actual F40), this is a stunning one-off car that seems to have been built by the best, so it must be an awesome car even if it’s not a true Ferrari. The car was up for auction in 2005 but it failed to sell, and it is unsure whether the car was privately sold afterwards. The car shows up rarely in Ferrari track days, which points to the fact that it might indeed be a Ferrari after all. The car is surprisingly for sale at Race Cars For Sale for 250,000 EUR (see link below). The picture at that website, however bad, dispels some of the rumors about the car and clearly show an F40 engine in the rear. 

So, to answer the original question, why? Well, because he had enough money to make the car he wanted.

You can read more about this puzzling car here: and